Wine Serving Temperature


Sparkling, fresh white and rosé wines are served cold.
Three hours in the refrigerator at 8°Celsius approximately and then straight to the glass without leaving the bottle in the open air.
If we let it get warmer, then we will not sense the acidity, the fruit will be heavier and the freshness will be lost.

Whites with more body and structure, like Chardonnay, which have usually been kept in casks, express their aromas better when the wine is around 10 to 12°C, or even 14°C for ultra premium wines.
If we serve them colder, then we will not feel the wine’s aromas and flavors.


With the red wine varieties we should be careful with the temperature because if we pass 20°C, the wine will show more alcohol than fruit, tired tannins and be heavy in the mouth.

Wines with less body should be cooler, e.g. Pinot Noir. And warmer for those with more body, e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon.
We can standardize 14°C as the minimum and 18°C as the maximum.